Car rental services

Car rental Curacao:
When arriving at Hato Airport Curacao you’ll find a variety of suppliers waiting for you. However, maybe you’d rather organise this before the start of your holiday, to make sure you don’t have to worry about it anymore and start your vacation as soon as you land!
Nowadays it’s easy to book online, but you should consider a few things. Is the company reliable? Are there any hidden costs? Do you need a creditcard to make a reservation? It’s not always as simple as it seems.


At Curacao, you’ll find the following options (amongst others):

Jan Thiel car rentals they are just around the corner of Riccavita. So if you stay in our villa, you can take a taxi from the airport en rent your car when you really need it. Maybe your first days are ment to relax and you don’t need a car. They will treat you even better when you stay at Riccavita.

Car Rental Curacao - tips & tricks

If you are planning to rent a car to use during your holiday, make sure to take time to read these tips:


– Choose a car with sufficient space. You’ll most likely be carrying a large suitcase. Not only you, but also the family members / friends etc. with whom you travel. They must also be transported to your holiday home (unless you let them walk). Even during your holiday it is often easy to do shopping, or to load the car with air mattresses and inflatable animals for a day at the beach


– Convertible: What could be more fun than letting your hair fly in the wind while you cross the island with a convertible? On Curacao however, it is really advisable to rent a car with a closed rooftop! The sun in combination with the wind will probably cause severe sunburn. Preferably, rent a car with air conditioning


– Pay attention to any damages when receiving the car. Walk around the car with someone from the rental company before you go. Take pictures of existing damages and write them down on the rental contract. This will help you avoid discussion afterwards


– Navigation: There is a big chance that you don’t know the road in the country where you are on holiday. At Curacao it is best to use an app with an offline map. So make sure to download it at home. Good apps are “Waze” and “Maps. me”

Park your rental car in front of your own villa

You would like to rent a car to explore Curacao with, but you also need a nice place to recover from all the beauty. Luckily you can do that on a beautiful location, in your own villa or penthouse at the Jan Thiel Bay.


Riccavita is one of the most special villas on Curacao. The striking villa & penthouse, completely facing the sea, is a real gem on the southeast coast of Curacao. The house baths in sunlight from morning to evening and breathes the Caribbean atmosphere. The sleek architecture contrasts beautifully with the attractive interior design, with attention to detail. The perfect combination of comfort and ambiance makes your stay a true pleasure.


Looking out over the Caracas bay, the Spanish Water and the Jan Thiel bay, you’ll be relaxing in no time. Palm trees and bougainvilles in the garden provide a beautiful extension of the house. The villa and penthouse both have complete privacy. Of course you can enjoy the private swimming pools with outdoor shower, at the villa in the backyard. At the penthouse on the first floor at the front, overlooking the sea. The ideal place to enjoy the sun or a drink at the always sultry evenings. You will soon feel right at home in this spacious villa. Everything here exudes luxury, with an open atmosphere and attention to art and nature.