climbing the Christoffel mountain

climbing the Christoffel mountain

Nice on vacation, chilling, but sometimes you also want to be active. For example, we have already climbed the Christoffel mountain twice and we will definitely go for it more often. The first time, in the morning on the road. If you go through the week it is always nice to drive before the morning rush. The drive to the park is already fun to enjoy everything you see on the way. On arrival, you first buy a ticket on the right side of the road, then you step back in the car, cross the road to the barrier where you show your ticket. Then you make a whole route meandering along a well-paved asphalted road. You can stop to see places on the way, but our goal was to go to the starting place to make our hike to the hill of the Christoffel mountain. We had a small group of 6 people, George, Joey and I and friends of ours with their daughter, all pretty sporty. They live on Curacao and had climbed the mountain before. Equipped with backpacks with water and something to eat, we went on the road. George also wanted to take the drone to make a beautiful film on top of the mountain. A big backpack for him. Walking starts nicely flat, nicely between the green. After some time it goes up a little bit, climbing over boulders. You have to look where you place your feet, sometimes pull yourself up on a branch. But mostly you walk among the trees in the shade. And then suddenly you stand in a place where you have a beautiful view. Immediately a moment to have a drink and take a rest. In the distance you can see the ocean of the north coast with the rocks of boca table. If you are a bit higher again you can enjoy the west coast with the beautiful white beaches and the azure blue sea. While walking, you regularly hear the iguanas shooting away in the bushes. You hear the birds whistling, everything is pure nature. At one point we also met people who were already on their way back, they had left really early. So nice how they encourage you, that it is not so far anymore and that the climb is definitely worth it. What was also very special, that on this day an Antillean top athlete, Randhy Cuevas, was setting a record for the good cause Run for the roses. He had begun in the night and finally ran up and down the Christoffel mountain 13 times. Respect, he got a nice amount here for the cancer fund.

The last part will make the rocks bigger and thus your steps. We are not scared, but at a certain point you realize how big the differences are in safety. There is no sign here anywhere, while in some countries you are surrounded by fall protection devices. It gives you the idea that you are on an adventure. We are almost upstairs, you literally walk over the tops of the rocks. George, still with extra weight of the drone on his back. But when you come all the way up: AWESOME, the view you have, 360 gr. Curacao. It was very nice clear weather, in the distance we could see Aruba. When we had enjoyed the view and settled at the top of the mountain, George unpacked the drone and prepared for a spectacular movie. Just plug in the I phone and it could start. But no, when we were still at home, there was an update of the DJI app, without being aware of it. But we had left home, no more wifi and the update did not finish, we came up on the mountain behind. And on top of the mountain we did not have internet access. Gosh, filming did not work! Of course a few bales, but also real joy, that George had walked upstairs with his drone, without being able to film anything. Fortunately, we were able to take beautiful pictures to capture this beautiful moment. And immediately an extra reason to go again. The way back went a lot faster and we could also encourage the people who went to the top . When we came down again we drove to the beach, removed shoes and socks and we were rewarded with a nice dive in the blue sea.

You can find more information about Christoffelpark here.

We stayed at the gardenvilla of Riccavita.

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