From Amsterdam to Curacao

Flight tickets Curacao:

You can book your flight tickets for a trip to Curacao easily and cheaply online. From Schiphol – Amsterdam Airport you can fly directly to Curacao (Hato Airport). The most frequent providers for flights from the Netherlands are


The flight times to Curacao may vary, but you can of course also make sure that it is much cheaper to fly outside of school holidays. On the Skyscanner website ( you can easily find all prices for flights as long as you fill in the checkout and destination address. You can also select the “cheapest month” option instead of entering a specific date.

From Düsseldorf to Curacao

Flight tickets Curacao:

For many Dutch people it is easier to fly from Düsseldorf. Sometimes this can also mean a considerable price advantage.

From this German airport you will probably fly to Curacao with one of the following airlines:


For flights from Düsseldorf you can also use the Skyscanner website. Another advantage for the flight from Düsseldorf can also be that the school holidays (before and after autumn) are different from those in the Netherlands. At the airport it is much quieter. From the center of the Netherlands (Utrecht) it is only about 185 kilometers to Düsseldorf Airport.

Fly to Curacao – and land in your own holiday home

Riccavita is one of the most special villas in Curacao. The striking villa and penthouse, fully focused towards the ocean, is truly a gem on the south-eastern coast of Curacao. The house is bathed from morning to evening in the sun and breaths Caribbean atmosphere. The sleek architecture is in nice contrast to the attractive interior full with attention to details. The perfect combination of luxurious comfort and atmosphere makes your stay a true delight.

Overlooking the Caracas Bay, the Spanish Water and Jan Thiel Bay, you will truly relax here. Palm trees and bougainvillea’s in the garden provide a wonderful setting for the house. The villa and penthouse each have complete privacy. Of course you can enjoy the private swimming pools with outside shower, at the villa in the backyard, at the penthouse on the first floor, on the front side of the villa overlooking the ocean. The ideal place to relax in the sun or to enjoy a drink in the always balmy evenings. You will immediately feel right at home in this spacious villa. Everything exudes luxury, with an attractive open character and attention to art and nature.