The most beautiful hotels on Curacao

For every traveler there is a suitable hotel to find on Curacao. If you are looking for more than a beautiful environment, however, on Curacao there are also several hotels that will meet all your expectations. From large luxury resorts, whether or not equipped with a casino or wellness, to cozy smaller boutique hotels. Most of the hotels on Curacao are located on the beach, along the south coast and in Willemstad.

Because of the many sunny days almost all hotels also have their own swimming pool, filled with fresh or salt water. It is lovely to relax on one of the sunbeds by the pool or on the beach.

A room with a view

The most beautiful hotels also offer the most beautiful views of the bay. A number of luxury hotels on Curacao that are also modern and comfortable furnished are listed here for you. Click on the name for a link to the website.

Have you ever thought of another type of accommodation?

A home away from home

On Curacao there are certainly other possibilities for the stay. Have you ever thought of renting a villa? Just like a hotel with all amenities, modern equipment and private pool. Also the amazing sea views are not lacking here. What makes the difference to a hotel is that you can create a temporary home in your ‘own’ villa. A great place to relax, eat, drink and have fun with your partner, family, relatives or friends. Because you have a whole floor for yourself, it feels more like coming home than in a hotel room.

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