Enjoy a nice and cozy meal out on Curacao

On holiday you want good food. We’ve listed the nicest restaurants and bars on Curacao for you.

On Curacao you can of course get lots of freshly caught fish, such as barracuda, wahoo and tuna. At the restaurants below, they will prepare this with a lot of love for you:


These restaurants are rated highest by vacationers and locals, that came before you.

You can go and eat in Willemstad, but it is also very impressive to dine on the beach. If you are eating on the west coast, for example near Bahia or on the Christoffel terrace of Kura Hulanda Lodge, you will also get a great sunset for “dessert”.

At the beach at Jan Thiel you will also find cozy restaurants to eat a snack. Below are the hotspots where you can eat in a beautiful setting

Also a refreshing ice cream is available in this neighborhood. Go to Dulce for a soft or water ice cream. Or choose a milkshake!

An aperitif or digestive on Curacao

Before you go out for dinner, or just after that, you can enjoy a drink at one of the many bars that Curacao knows.

If you love live music, for the real old jazz, you should visit these places on a Thursday:


For a wide choice of rum, vodkas and whiskies you can go to the Motown Soul Bar. With views over the St. Anna Bay, you can enjoy your drink.

For a stylish evening, you can go to the Madero Ocean Club on Mambo Beach Boulevard. Here you can also enjoy (a-la-carte) dinner. On the weekends, DJs and bands ensure that dancing is possible. On Sundays Madero organizes the “Sparkling Pool Party” at the pool and on the beach.

Would you like to enjoy a beer and cheer for your favorite team at the same time? Then you can go to the Sopranos sports bar & pizzeria. Here you can watch different sports on a big screen.

Would you rather have a drink to recover from the extensive dancing? Then go to the Bermuda Club in Willemstad. A large part of the club is outdoors, one of the advantages of a tropical island. There are also quieter areas in this club, which are nice for chatting.

Grab a bite at your own villa

Enjoy your own kitchen in Riccavita Villa & Penthouse

Of course, it is good to enjoy a good meal and a drink on the terrace during your holiday. But sometimes it is also nice to eat and drink in the privacy of your own accommodation. Sleep as long as you like, prepare a fried egg and take a crispy sandwich out of the oven. Or prepare a delicious cocktail with which you can then lay down with your book at your private pool. All this is possible if you stay in Riccavita Villa & Penthouse.

Riccavita is one of the most special villas in Curacao. The striking villa and penthouse, fully focused towards the ocean, is truly a gem on the south-eastern coast of Curacao. The house is bathed from morning to evening in the sun and breaths Caribbean atmosphere. The sleek architecture is in nice contrast to the attractive interior full with attention to details. The perfect combination of luxurious comfort and atmosphere makes your stay a true delight.

Overlooking the Caracas Bay, the Spanish Water and Jan Thiel Bay, you will truly relax here. Palm trees and bougainvillea’s in the garden provide a wonderful setting for the house. The villa and penthouse each have complete privacy. Of course you can enjoy the private swimming pools with outside shower, at the villa in the backyard, at the penthouse on the first floor, on the front side of the villa overlooking the ocean. The ideal place to relax in the sun or to enjoy a drink in the always balmy evenings. You will immediately feel right at home in this spacious villa. Everything exudes luxury, with an attractive open character and attention to art and nature.