Snorkling in the Caracas bay

Early on, to snorkel in the Caracas Bay. And I do not even mean at the Tug boat, but just the beach next to Pop’s place. It is nice and close, only 5 minutes by car. If you feel like it, you can also walk. Well that was not the case with us, at the moment, but also a bit awkward with the lugging of snorkels and flippers. We had bought a new full mask and wanted to try it out. At this early hour there was not much to do. The sun was already shining its first warm rays and we immediately put our equipment on. It is so wonderful that the water is always nice. You never have to think, brr just over a threshold. It is just delicious. There was a man from the island, enjoying this beautiful spot. We talked to him for a moment and heard that he came here almost every day, to enjoy this place. Certainly so early in the morning, so wonderfully quiet, if it still has to start. If the traffic has not yet started and the peace embraces you. He pointed us to a spot, just 2 meters from the side where boulders enter the water from the shore, there is already so much beauty to see.

We snorkled there. and yes, you are just really surprised, how close to a few meters from the beach you immediately swim around among the fish. On and around the rocks there is of course a lot of food for the fish, which is why you find them here in large numbers. We snorkled a bit further and found some large open concrete blocks. There grew corals and around and through the holes fish swam and swim in all sorts and sizes. So beautiful, you can keep looking at this for a long time. Until suddenly, tadatada … saw a huge red leg above the block. Once closer (quite exciting) to investigate where it belonged. That’s how it was, I had never seen them in real life. A huge crab with a diameter of 80 cm, what a beast. At his ease, he was eating food inside, with such big scissors, hopping to his mouth. I wonder if I will see him again next time. Then we saw enormous schools of fish, so unimaginable. If you are swimming without a mask there, you have no idea what is going on around you.

When we came back to the side, there was a mobile booth of a man selling coconuts. How wonderful, after a relaxing, exciting snorkeling dive, just to enjoy this moment, on the beach, with a fresh coconut in hand!

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