Is it your goal to leave everything behind and relax? This can be done very well on Curacao! Combine your wellness holiday with the Caribbean sun and it will do you good for sure. On the island you can relax in different ways, according to your own wishes. There are several spas and wellness centers, such as Laman Spa & Wellness in Jan Thiel Bay or Santai Spa, where you can be pampered alone or with your partner or friend.

You can also book a massage at home (in this case in the vacation home). This way you don’t even have to go out on the street to get a relaxing massage. Dorien from D’ oriental is happy to make house calls.

A more active form is to empty the mind completely with yoga. During your wellness holiday you can do the sun salutation at B. Yoga in the neighborhood of Biesheuvel (Willemstad) or at the Yoga Centre Curacao, in Soto. Both providers of yoga courses offer both individual and group classes, and even if you are a beginner, you are welcome.

Don’t forget the healing effect of a walk on the beach, in the early morning in peace and quiet or during one of the beautiful sunsets that Curacao has to offer. There are many (different) beaches where you can go for a walk, exactly what you need at that moment.

Enjoy an oasis of tranquility during your stay

Riccavita is one of the most special villas in Curacao. The striking villa and penthouse, fully focused towards the ocean, is truly a gem on the south-eastern coast of Curacao. The house is bathed from morning to evening in the sun and breaths Caribbean atmosphere. The sleek architecture is in nice contrast to the attractive interior full with attention to details. The perfect combination of luxurious comfort and atmosphere makes your stay a true delight.

Overlooking the Caracas Bay, the Spanish Water and Jan Thiel Bay, you will truly relax here. Palm trees and bougainvillea’s in the garden provide a wonderful setting for the house. The villa and penthouse each have complete privacy. Of course you can enjoy the private swimming pools with outside shower, at the villa in the backyard, at the penthouse on the first floor, on the front side of the villa overlooking the ocean. The ideal place to relax in the sun or to enjoy a drink in the always balmy evenings. You will immediately feel right at home in this spacious villa. Everything exudes luxury, with an attractive open character and attention to art and nature.