getting married at Curaçao, Yes, i do want to

Getting married at Curaçao, Yes, i do want to

Last week at Curaçao i witnessed a romantic picture; A young man, little bit nervous, looking around, family on the background, and a girl “not suspicious” on the beach. The boy went on his knees and did his romantic proposal on the white beach, with the sea lapping against the rocks. Fortunately she said yes! The family was all around to make pictures of this special moment. The next step off course is de wedding day. Maybe you always dreamed about it: getting married on Curaçao. Barefoot in the sand as you say YES to the love of your life.Curaçao is a lovely tropical destination for your wedding.

To make sure you marry legally, be sure you send all necessary documents within 2 months for your wedding date to the civil instancy (Kranshi) at Curaçao. Look at their website to read which documents you have to send and to which address. You can choose to arrange everything by yourself for your upcoming marriage, but this might not be an easy job from a foreign country. A lot of bridal couples choose to work with a wedding planner on Curaçao. This will take away a lot of stress and they will take care for you to enjoy your big day fully!

A few renowned wedding planners for Curaçao are:

BanKasa Dream Weddings
Loof Curacao


destination love
The perfect wedding

Besides marriage at the beach, there are a lot of possibilities for your marriage at Curaçao.  There are a lot of beautiful old houses which are available for your big day. If you like history and authenticity this would be perfect for you. You can also get married at the council of Curaçao, a beautiful happy building, built between 1865 and 1884. If you choose for your marriage at the beach you can choose for a local beach or a hotel beach. The advantage of a hotel beach is that you can arrange your reception, dinner and party at the same location. Also the hotel can help you a lot with all the arrangements.

For your wedding stay, you may certainly think about Riccavita villa & penthouse. Probably you won’t be alone, but with family and friends on this big day. It would be very cosy to stay together in the villa & penthouse. After your marriage, you can stay here together while your guests fly back home. Or maybe they like to stay for a while to enjoy their holiday, and the married couple goes on for a trip. Everything is possible.

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